Nature is, after all, the only book that offers important content on every page.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



stream in spanish forestImagine you are visiting a stream in the Congo rainforest, a lake in Tibet, a marsh in Iraq or just relaxing in your backyard: it is possible to find freshwater habitats anywhere in the world that have a stunning diversity of species and life forms. But you might also be confronted with modified habitats, influenced by human pressures or affected by the impacts of climate change. This website enables you to find out more about the vibrant world of freshwater biodiversity with contributions from BioFresh partners and communities all over the world!

When we started to think of the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas as an online information source (rather than a printed book), our vision was to raise awareness about freshwater biodiversity from multiple perspectives. We wanted to provide scientists, stakeholders at the science-policy interface and the interested public with a comprehensive information source so that they can put greater emphasis on the conservation and management of freshwater biodiversity both in their everyday lives as well as keep them within future development actions.

The Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas is a collection of published and open access freshwater biodiversity maps in addition to a gateway for geographical information and spatial data at different scales. It offers dynamic online maps accompanied by short articles with background information. It also provides links to publications and data sources related to freshwater biodiversity at the global, continental and local scale.

It is our aim to make the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas an even more useful and extensive tool. Our vision for the Atlas is that it becomes a global showcase for information on freshwater biodiversity. It is already a product of collaboration by numerous scientists, initiatives and projects active in the freshwater biodiversity community. We hope that you too can contribute to this endeavour and help us build a larger global repository of freshwater biodiversity informationAll information in the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas is presented in an easily and openly accessible way for all those interested in the future conservation and sustainable management of freshwater biodiversity!

We encourage you to participate in adding to the Atlas and helping us to make this vision a reality for the global freshwater biodiversity community. If you can provide data or information for the Atlas please visit our "Contribute" page.


Thanks for contributing to this vision – together we can make a difference!