Multiple Human Pressures and Their Spatial Patterns in European Running Waters

Multiple Human Pressures Index

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This study represents the first high-resolution data analysis of human pressures at the European scale, where important pressure criteria for 9,330 sampling sites in 14 European countries were analysed.


EFI+ Consortium (2007-2009)

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Schinegger, R., Trautwein, C., Melcher, A., & Schmutz, S. (2012). Multiple human pressures and their spatial patterns in European running waters. Water and Environment Journal, 26(2), 261-273.


with support provided by: EU Sixth Framework Programme EFI+ project and Austrian Science Fund (FWF) LANPREF project



Rafaela Schinegger email, Clemens Trautwein, Andreas Melcher & Stefan Schmutz


Rafaela SchineggerClemens TrautweinAndreas MelcherStefan Schmutz 
Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management 
Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment 
BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences 
Max Emanuel-Straße 17, 1180 Vienna, Austria 

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Part of this work was funded by the EFI+ project (Contract number 044096, 6th framework programme) and by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, research project LANPREF, contract number P 21735-B16).

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