Global Waterfall Database (HydroFALLS)

Global Waterfall Database (HydroFALLS)

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The Global Waterfall Database, termed HydroFALLS, is a point shapefile and related attribute table showing the location of 4362 waterfalls including their names and estimated mean river flow. The database has been compiled and validated using a variety of source information and constitutes the first consistent global GIS layer of waterfall features. The point locations have been co-registered to the global HydroSHEDS river network.


Department of Geography, McGill University (Montreal, Canada)

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Lehner, B. (2013): Global Waterfall Database, Technical Documentation, Version 1.0. Available at

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with support provided by: BioFresh project


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Bernhard Lehner
Department of Geography,
McGill University, Burnside Hall,
805 Sherbrooke Street West,
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9,
Phone: ++1.514.3988794

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Data will be made available via


This work was supported by the EU BioFresh Project (7th Framework European Program, Contract No. 226874); and McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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