Freshwater Ecoregions of the World

Freshwater Fish Extinction Rates due to Water Availability Loss from Climate Change

Global Database on Biological Field Stations

Global Distribution of Freshwater Dependent Amphibians

Global Diversity Patterns in Freshwater Systems

Global Fragmentation and Flow Regulation of Large River Systems

Global Freshwater Fish Species Richness

Global Freshwater Shrimp Species Richness

Global Freshwater Turtle Species Richness

Global Homogenization Patterns of Freshwater Fish Faunas

Global Hydropower Dams (> 1 MW) under Construction or Planned

Global Inundation Map (GLIN)

Global Threats to River Biodiversity and Human Water Security

Global Waterfall Database (HydroFALLS)

Imprint of Global Palaeo-Drainage Basins on Freshwater Fish Biodiversity

Influence of Non-Native Species on Global Patterns of Freshwater Fish Body Size

Simulated Future Homogenization Patterns of the World's Freshwater Fish Faunas