Ice is water that has decided to come together, to unite, and make something out of itself!

Isn't that inspiring?

Stephen Covington

The Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas is a new and unique way to make your results visible to a wide public audience. It also offers a great opportunity to promote your contribution to the global freshwater biodiversity community. All spatially related freshwater biodiversity results can be featured in the Atlas and thus add to the further development of freshwater biodiversity science.


During the development of the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas we have tried to collect a wide variety of freshwater biodiversity related maps representing an assortment of different thematic priorities. The map collection in the Atlas continues to grow as more members of the BioFresh, and wider freshwater, community offer their spatial data to us. 

If you are interested in publishing your freshwater biodiversity maps please contact the Atlas Editorial Board (). Full guidelines about map publication can be found at here (link), but in summary you must provide: 

  • Maps and spatial data in different formats, preferably as grid, shapefile or as a spatial database with associated ArcGIS or OpenSource GIS style files.
  • A short article associated with the map(s) that should enable users to interpret the spatial data. Guidelines for articles can be found here (link).

Should you wish to become more actively involved in the the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas project, we invite you to join the Editorial Board, which meets monthly via a Skype conference. This offers an opportunity to discuss proposed maps, texts and other important editorial issues. Membership is possible for single researchers as well as institutions, and potential contributions may vary from the submission of a single map to institutionally financed support for the project. In return, as an Atlas partner, we would ask for your support and the promotion of the Atlas through your networks and (if applicable) through the provision of additional material for inclusion into the Atlas.


Thanks for your contribution to our vision – together we can make a difference!