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GLOBIO-Aquatic Biodiversity Intactness (MSA) Projections

GLOBIO-Aquatic Biodiversity Intactness (MSA) Projections

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The map depicts the aggregated freshwater biodiversity intactness, results of the global model GLOBIO-Aquatic that assesses the dominant human impacts on inland aquatic biodiversity and allows future projections.


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Janse, J. H., Kuiper, J. J., Weijters, M. J., Westerbeek, E. P., Jeuken, M. H. J. L., Bakkenes, M., Alkemade, R., Mooij, W.M. & Verhoeven, J. T. A. (2015). GLOBIO-Aquatic, a global model of human impact on the biodiversity of inland aquatic ecosystems. Environmental Science & Policy, 48, 99-114. (link)


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Jan Janse email
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base layer references

  • Global Lakes and Wetlands database, 30x30 arc minutes (Lehner and Doll, 2004).


This work is part of the Global Biodiversity Project of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). The help of many colleagues at PBL, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and others involved in his project is gratefully acknowledged.

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