Freshwater Biodiversity
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A Database on Freshwater Fishes of the Bolivian Amazon

Characterisation of Fish Sampling Sites in Europe using the European Fish Index (EFI+)

Critical Catchments for the Conservation of Europe's Freshwater Biodiversity

European Freshwater Alien Species

Forecasts of Salmo trutta Distribution in European Basins

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World

Freshwater Fish Extinction Rates due to Water Availability Loss from Climate Change

Global Distribution of Freshwater Megafauna

Global Freshwater Fish Species Richness

Global Homogenization Patterns of Freshwater Fish Faunas

Global Non-Native Freshwater Fish Species Richness

Influence of Non-Native Species on Global Patterns of Freshwater Fish Body Size

Simulated Future Homogenization Patterns of the World's Freshwater Fish Faunas

Situation and Prioritisation of Barriers along the Danube for Restoration of the Longitudinal Connectivity

Species Richness and Endemism of Freshwater Fish in European Biogeographical Regions

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