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Atlas of Iberian Water Beetles (ESACIB database)

Climate Change Impacts on European Plecoptera

Climate Change Impacts on European Trichoptera

European Patterns of Species Richness and Range Size in Groundwater Crustaceans

Freshwater Mussel Species Richness in Africa and Madagascar

Freshwater Species Data: Increasing Knowledge on Biodiversity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Distribution of Freshwater Dependent Amphibians

Global Distribution of Freshwater Megafauna

Global Diversity Patterns in Freshwater Systems

Global Freshwater Fish Species Richness

Global Freshwater Shrimp Species Richness

Global Freshwater Turtle Species Richness

River Sub-catchments in the Indo-Burma Hotspot Containing High Proportions of Freshwater Species

Species Richness and Endemism of Freshwater Fish in European Biogeographical Regions

Threats to Freshwater Biodiversity and Rural Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa

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