Atlas map interface

The interactive map interface page includes information presented in boxes such as “Navigation” (1) and “Source/Citation” (2) on the left hand side and the main window (3) with the map and article on the right hand side.

The boxes on the left can be folded away by clicking the arrow right of the map title.

Box "Navigation" (1)

Note that the “Map Layers”, “Map Caption” and “Legend” boxes will be displayed on top of the map in the main window on the right hand side, when you use the full screen version (further details below).

Box “Source/Citation” (2)

Main Window (3)

The main window may contain several tabs such as: “Map”, “Article”, “Extended Methods” and “Copyright & Downloads”. Note that the “Article” and “Extended Methods” tabs are only displayed if information is available for them.

The "Map" tab: this is where the actual spatial information is shown in an interactive  map. It offers the following functions via distinct icons:

The "Article" tab: shows a relevant scholarly article associated with the displayed map; it should help you to understand and explore the map content by setting a scientific context for it. It may also provide other useful additional information too.

The optional "Extended Methods" tab: presents further information about the methods used to generate your chosen map.

The optional "Copyright & Downloads" tab: displays important copyright information relating to your chosen map as well as specifying the permitted download options.

maximise maximise option: opens the full screen version of the map interface (further details are given below).

Full screen version

maximiseThe maximise option enables you to view the full screen version of your selected map.

If you choose the full screen version the interface will change slightly in its appearance. Some items from the “Navigation” box will now be placed as information boxes on the right hand side in the “Map” tab (i.e. Map Layers, Map Caption and Legend). Additionally an “Overview map” box will appear indicating the actual extent of the current view in relation to the global map. To expand or hide the content of these items just click on the arrow on the right hand side of the box header. You can change the height of the boxes by dragging the lower frame up or down.

To toggle the display of these boxes at the top of your map click on the following icons located on the lower left hand side of the map:

minimiseThe minimise option enables you to leave the full screen version of the map and return to the embedded version.

Other options